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Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling Insulation Melbourne

  • When it comes to reliable and efficient services in ceiling insulation, Melbourne customers know they can always turn to the professional and proven team here at Climate Zone 7.

  • We have been in the industry for over 40 years, and have countless customers find the right insulation to suit their residential or commercial property.


Roof Insulation Melbourne

Proud to be recognised as a sought-after name in roof insulation across Melbourne, the team here at Climate Zone 7 will provide you with a straightforward and stress-free service that will deliver lasting results.

We don’t provide our customers with short-term solutions, and instead take the time to understand what insulation will best suit their property throughout the year.

Comprehensive Roof Insulation Removal Across Melbourne

Should you have older roofing insulation throughout your property, then it is important to make sure it is removed completely before any installation can begin. At Climate Zone 7, our team knows exactly what is needed to safely and effectively remove any and all old insulation, and will properly dispose of all material that is extracted from your property.

For more information on our services in roof insulation removal, Melbourne residents can contact our team today.

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Ceiling Insulation

During the winter months, the average residential property can experience heat loss anywhere from 25-35%, making those cold nights just much longer.

Proper insulation can help to prevent this, and serves an important part in ensuring a building meets all necessary standards, and is as energy efficient as possible.

At Climate Zone 7 we use two premium ceiling insulation products:
  • Cellulose Fibre Insulation
  • Earthwool Thermal Batts Insulation

Cellulose Fibre Insulation

At Climate Zone 7 we manufacture high-quality cellulose fibre insulation to AS/NZS4859.1 standards, providing all customers with the very best products available, fitted to their property.

Cellulose fibre is the perfect choice whether you are looking to design, retrofit, or build a house, apartment building, commercial or retail space, or hotel.

Fire resistant and vermin proof, cellulose fibre is made from old newspapers and treated with both boric acid and borax, ensuring it can provide superior insulation while also being fully recyclable.

To see why cellulose fibre is an in-demand choice for ceiling insulation, Melbourne customers simply have to call Climate Zone 7 today.

Comparing Prices

Cellulose fibre is often the most affordable option available when it comes to ceiling insulation options. Speak to the friendly team from Climate Zone 7 today for all pricing enquiries.

Cellulose Quality

Cellulose fibre offers both thermal and sound insulation for any property, and is the only product available that can protect from mould, vermin, fire and moisture.

Cellulose Makes Homes Safer

At Climate Zone 7 we are passionate about providing our customers with the safest and most trusted products on the market. That is why we suggest cellulose fibre for all properties that feature timber frames or roofs, as it is the only wood-based insulation product that is treated with a proven fire retardant.


Providers Of Earthwool Thermal Batts For Roofing Insulation Across Melbourne

Looking for a cost-effective insulation option that will provide a thermal and acoustic barrier and ensure energy efficient construction? Then you can’t go wrong with EarthWool Ceiling Batts.

Suitable for properties with both timber or metal frames, these batts are made from high-quality and low-dust wool that is easy to cut, making installation a simple and hassle-free process.

Our team provides services in roof insulation removal to Melbourne clients who are looking to replace old or damaged insulation throughout their property, ensuring that new products can be installed without issue.

We supply EarthWool Batts in a range of sizes, from R2.5- R6.0, helping our customers to find the right product to suit the needs of their property. All EarthWool products are manufactured using up to 80% recycled glass.

So when it comes to the very best in roof insulation in Melbourne, customers know they can’t look past the experience and knowledge of the team from Climate Zone 7.

  • Comparing Prices

    Speak to the team here at Climate Zone 7 today to learn more about our prices for EarthWool Ceiling Batts insulation. We will provide you with a quote for your property, and ensure you are provided with the right product to get the job done.

  • Earthwool Quality

    At Climate Zone 7 we source our EarthWool Ceiling Batts from respected and proven manufacturers, ensuring that every piece of insulation we install meets the same high standards of quality and durability. Call us today on 03 9708 2359 to learn more.

Climate Zone 7 has over forty years’ experience installing insulation across domestic and commercial environments from its base in Carrum Downs.