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Wall Insulation Melbourne

For proven and professional solutions in wall insulation, Melbourne customers look to the team here at Climate Zone 7.

Led by our founder Wayne Allen, our friendly team works hard to provide each of our customers with the right wall insulation product to suit their residential or commercial property.

Weather Barrier Wrap

When constructing or renovating any property, it is important to find the right weather barrier wrap. These products will assist in protecting walls, and other materials underneath, from direct exposure to the elements and precipitation. That means that you will be able to prevent the build-up and growth of mould throughout your home or business, and be confident there is no standing water collecting behind your walls.


A crucial component in meeting necessary building standards, wall insulation will also help to increase energy efficiency in your property and aid in thermal management.

At Climate Zone 7 we use two types of quality wall insulation:

  • SisalTuff™ 456 Multi-Purpose Foil Insulation
  • Earthwool Thermal Batts Insulation


The average residential property can experience upto 15-25% heat loss through its walls during the winter months. But thanks to SisalTuff™ 456 Multi-Purpose Foil Insulation, Climate Zone 7 customers can stay comfortable in their property through even the coldest nights.

This increased heat retention also means customers are able to leave their heaters off, or on a lower setting, helping them to bring their power bills down as time goes on.

SisalTuff™ 456 Multi-Purpose Foil Insulation  consists of aluminium foil layers bonded together, and coated with a flame retardant adhesive. It features a blue weave face to reduce any glare throughout the installation period.

The fire retardant nature of the insulation makes it an excellent choice for properties in and around bushfire-prone areas, while the low emissivity of its aluminium foil surface aids in heat retention.

For more information on our available wall insulation products, Melbourne customers can contact the Climate Zone 7 team today.


All SisalTuff™ products provided by Climate Zone 7 offer unbeatable thermal and sound insulation, and comply with ISO AS/NZS4859.1 standards. That means our customers can be sure they are investing in a premium product that will deliver lasting value for money.


Providing a cost-effective option for sound and thermal insulation, as well as energy efficient construction, customers can’t go wrong with Earthwool Thermal Batts.

Suitable for applications in both timber and metal frames, Eathwool Batts are made from clean cutting wool that makes installation a simple and straightforward process, while reducing the amount of dust.

They are available in a range of sizes, from R2.5- R6.0, and are made using a large percentage of recycled glass.


Get in touch with the experts here at Climate Zone 7 today and let us walk you through our piercing structure, and provide you with a competitive quote for wall insulation fitting and insulation.


Climate Zone 7 sources all Earthwool Thermal Batts from trusted and respected manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring our customers only receive products that meet the highest standards of quality, durability, and safety.

For more information on our available weather barrier wraps or wall insulation, Melbourne customers can call our team on 03 9708 2359.

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